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Dash Camera Reviews – Get Tips Before You Buy

In current society, there have been some incredible technological advancements and the introduction of dashboard cameras is one of them. In the past years, it was considered to be a luxury. People either didnt see it’s importance or they simply ignored the innovation. However, today, these cameras have grown in popularity and have ended up to be a neccesity for safe driving. They range from affordable prices that range from $50 to $100 which is well below their initial prices. They are fitted on the rear facing mirror where they can easily capture the sound and have a large display which captures and records the events. The best dash cameras have various benefits and features which are going to be noted in this article.

Benefits of Cash cameras

HD (High Definition)

Most images and videos today are of high quality and this is improving on how one can visualize a certain image or videos. The HD makes you get the significant things which are in front and horizontal and they enable the driver to get a clear glimpse of the road not forgetting the number plates of the cars in case one is involved in an accident. See what else you should look for in a dash cam.

Loop Recording

This means that the camera will record the data or events in the memory card until it is full and continue recording the data over the old files hence it doesn’t have to stop taking the videos. This is advantageous in that, there is no information that is going to be lost. The camera also senses by the help of the G-sensors that an eventful event is happening thus it creates a new file where it records it rather than overwriting it. This helps for later purposes when you are collecting and transferring the data to your computer.


G-sensors, aid in measuring the car movement through 3 axes. This information helps to create the picture of events. whenever an incident arises , but also it can make your car camera to respond appropriately. In a case where there is slight movement the camera stores the recorded footage automatically and this makes it safe. The G-sensor is also made in a way that they are not affected by alleviated movements such as hitting a pothole etc.

Apart from the features that are present in the dashboard cameras, there are advantages to this technology.
First evidence in car accidents

It helps in producing the recordings of the incidents that occurred or led to the accident. The recordings begin when the car is started therefore there is a lot of information that can be derived from the footages and help in investigating a particular incident. This is among the major reason drivers are installing dash cameras today.

Capture crime

The camera helps in identifying and solving crimes whereby they are on standby and come on if the car gets to be in motion. The camera begins to record the events and this may act as evidence in capturing or defending a particular case in court. These cameras have a unique feature called the car alert that enables them to begin to work even on standby.

Records road trip memories

When you are hanging out and going out on a road trip with friends you can use the dash camera to record the happy moments and the fun that you are experiencing. This allows one to have a record of their memories and can be revisited at a later time. The use of the GPS feature makes it better by giving the details on where the particular trip was made.

Record unexpected occurrences

There are some unexpected and abrupt events that happen suddenly out of the blues. The camera helps in capturing such moments. For example, the sky features that might pass in front of you such as a meteor. In addition, they might capture clearly accidents that occur in highways better than how one may narrate it. This makes it easier to determine the cause of certain incidents.


Dash cameras have a lot of advantages that enable the vehicle owners to be able to record the events that occur in their daily lives and also be able to give evidence that aids in carrying out an investigation. installing one in your car will help you have the upper hand incase of any confrontation.

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Rpm Racing Welcomes You

Hi all,

This is our first post and we are excited to get this site going. Please bear with us while our site is in the construction phase.

Having said that, here is what is in store for our site. We plan on discussing the many different dash cams available for cars and provide footage for them during racing. Dash cam footage on the road is cool and all, but there is nothing like seeing live action dash cam footage on a race car.

Since higher speeds are certain with race cars, some dash cams will not perform as well as others. We are in the development phase of working with a manufacturer to create one ourselves but in the meantime we will see what is on the market and what will be the most compatible for hi-speed applications.

If you are looking to get a dash cam then then there are many possibilities out there on what to get. Getting the right unit is important and make sure that you research all the options that are necessary to have a dash cam that will suit your needs.

Till then, keep moving forward!