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Rpm Racing Welcomes You

Hi all,

This is our first post and we are excited to get this site going. Please bear with us while our site is in the construction phase.

Having said that, here is what is in store for our site. We plan on discussing the many different dash cams available for cars and provide footage for them during racing. Dash cam footage on the road is cool and all, but there is nothing like seeing live action dash cam footage on a race car.

Since higher speeds are certain with race cars, some dash cams will not perform as well as others. We are in the development phase of working with a manufacturer to create one ourselves but in the meantime we will see what is on the market and what will be the most compatible for hi-speed applications.

If you are looking to get a dash cam then then there are many possibilities out there on what to get. Getting the right unit is important and make sure that you research all the options that are necessary to have a dash cam that will suit your needs.

Till then, keep moving forward!