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Rpm Racing Welcomes You

Hi all,

This is our first post and we are excited to get this site going. Please bear with us while our site is in the construction phase.

Our site is about car racing, Mercedes- Benz and other cars in general. As we are Toronto based, we’ll talk specifically about the Toronto Market. There are many car racing and Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts in Toronto. Also discussed on our site is purchasing Mercedes cars and how to modify them. You can buy a used car just about anywhere but we will talk about car buying tactics mostly from used car dealers.

If you are buying a car to modify, then we will talk about car mods as well. Getting a used car for this purpose is the best choice as you do not want to modify a new car which would null your warranty.

So stay tuned for our articles on used car buying so you will be in the know of what car to buy, and which ones enable the best modifications.

Till then, keep moving forward!

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