Used Cars Armagh | Tips for Buying a Used Car in Armagh

Useful Tips When Buying A Used Car in Armagh

When buying a used car there can be a really good opportunity to get a good deal. Provided that the car that you buy is in good condition, and with reasonably low miles you stand a good chance of saving money when compared to the prospect of buying a new car, as the depreciation is already factored in.

However, all that glitters is not gold, and it bears keeping in mind that the well-known slogan for used car buyers is “caveat emptor” or buyer beware.

Here are our top tips for making sure that you don’t buy a piece of junk when shopping for your next used car:

Tip #1 – Do your research

The internet is an incredibly powerful resource for people in the market for buying a used car. It allows you to look up common faults with certain models or brands of cars, check resale values, and to get an estimation or price band on what you should be expecting to pay. The amount of information available by typing in a few search terms will amaze you.



Tip #2 – Test Drive, Test Drive, Test Drive

Test drive lots of cars to get a feel for the car. Initially it will be a little strange driving different cars, but you will quickly learn to distinguish those that you like from those that you do not. And you can learn to listen out for strange noises, or bubbles and bangs perhaps mentioned when you researched common faults online.

Tip #3 – Bring Someone Who Knows Cars

It can really help to bring someone who knows their way around cars, particularly the sounds of cars. Anyone who works with cars will know the difference between something minor and something a lot more serious. If you buy lunch, maybe your father-in-law or a neighbour will help you out, by accompanying you on a test drive. It is always worth asking.

One local used dealer who always has a nice range of used cars is Used Cars Armagh, who can be reached at their Used Cars Armagh – FB page or their WordPress – Used Cars Armagh social media page. Happy car hunting.